RRR Season 6 - Episode 25: Pr-Pr-Prince Takes Graphite!

HAPPY SPOOPYDAY! Get on your costume, sit back, and listen to two nerds talk about nothing important to both Halloween or life in general! Join us as we discuss all the latest news that I don't remember at the moment, as well as hit up Super Hero Time for discussions of Ninninger, Ghost, and Dino Charge. Finally, the good part begins with Ramble Time topics of Pokémon, TMNT, Star Wars Rebels, Doctor Who, Agents of SHIELD, The Flash, Arrow, and iZombie. Supergirl will join the roundup next week, since we already discussed the pilot back during its original leak a few months back. I was supposed to copy and paste that in here but I forgot, so if you missed it, just go find it. I don't even know what episode number it was. That's the trick. This episode is the treat. Halloween over.

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