RRR Season 5 - Episode 28: Type Wild Thornberrys!

Some of you do read these! That's cool. We'll have to work out some sort of club for cool people who read the descriptions. Honestly these titles can't get any worse. At least I hope not. This one definitely made me chuckle but it wasn't worth the hype, no? Anyway, join us as we spend the entire first 20 minutes of this Podcast talking about absolute nonsense like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. ToQger never made it to the station, so we hop right into the wild episode of Drive, followed by the penultimate episode of Super Megaforce. Then we ramble on about Pokémon, the finale of Ben 10, Korra, Star Wars Rebels, Arrow, The Flash, and a bunch of other crap that just sort of comes up out of the blue. That's how we do things around these parts.

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