RRR Season 5 - Episode 22: Need for Speed Type!

ALL WE NEED IS DRIVE...and air...and food. But those aren't important! Join us as we embark on our first journey with Drive. In an odd turn of events, we actually get to discuss Kamen Rider Drive's first episode in the same Podcast in which we discuss the leaked toy catalog containing its second Rider. Yeah, this is getting silly. Anyway, join us as we discuss the latest ToQger, the premier of Drive, and a Ramble Time filled with TMNT, Doctor Who, and the Legend of Korra. Short show this week, but be prepared for next week, as we keep driving along.

Due to a recording error thanks to sloppy software and cutting out internet connections, the Super Megaforce discussion and most of the Pokémon discussion were chopped off before the recording kicked in again. Long story short, we liked it.
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