RRR Season 3 - Episode #09: Go-Busters X5!

Hiromon! Ryumon! Yokomon! Jinmon! Jmon! Buster Xros! Now while you sit there and figure out what weird animal Digimon forms of the Go-Busters would look like, join us for the latest episode of the podcast! Join us as we discuss the latest in S.H.Figuarts, Go-Busters, and Power Rangers! Super Hero Time kicks off with Go-Busters 20 and Fourze 42 (Akibaranger come back....). Finall Ramble Time rambles away with discussions of Pokémon, Avengers, Zetman, and fan reactions to Kamen Rider Wizard. Finally we conclude with a bi-weekly dose of Twitter Questions of the Week. Join us next week as we discuss all the latest Megaforce and Power Ranger announcements, as well as the Kamen Rider Wizard toy scans!  Buster Xros!

Note: The Wizard toy scans (and Ranger Comic Con info) were announced on Thursday. The entirety of this cast was filmed on Tuesday and Wednesday, so many of the weird things we say in this episode have already been proven true or false. As stated, we'll be discussing Comic Con and Wizard at length next episode. Thanks!


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Show Notes

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The Nudes

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The Return of Metal Heroes!

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MMPR-LG Bonus Features Revealed!


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