RRR Season 2 - Episode #40: Cancer Zodiart, Class of 2004!

I'm not familiar with this reference, my stomach kinda hurts, and I want to sleep! That aside, This is certainly a very toy filled episode! If you hate toys, shame on you, and I'm sorry. Join us as we discuss a small bit of Rider Rumors. After, we tackle the latest toy buzz between Japan's latest toy show, and the US's biggest toy show, the New York Toy Fair! We cover the latest in Samurai, Mega Bloks, TMNT, Transformers, and some various other odds and ends. As always we tackle the latest summaries and discussions with Gokaiger 50 and Fourze 22, along with a bit of talk on the latest Samurai preview! We bring you an epic fun filled Ramble Time consisting of the Facebook Question of Bi-weekly-ness, Pokemon Discussion, Ben 10 Discussion, and as always, the Twitter Questions of the Week!

Join us next week for the discussion of the Gokaiger finale, the epic return of Samurai Summaries with Shuki, RRRnRRR of GT, and more Twitter questions! Gonna be a doozy of a show.

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