RRR Season 2 - Episode #39: Go-Busters Metallix!

Three typical spy agents, on a secrete mission. Got some tech and they became, the three Go-Busters. SENTAI GO-BUSTERS. SENTAI GO-BUSTERS. Then a hero came along, with a partner Buddyroid. With a gun, they became, Beet and Stag Busters. GO-BUSTERS METALLIX! METALLIX! GO-BUSTERS METALLIX! Cheedarific! I'm sick and running out of puns. Will Beet Buster and Stag Buster get a purple partner? Why do they exist? Why are the choices so generic? All this and more on this episode of RRR! Yeah...we discuss the latest SHT trailer, the 3rd Quarter Fourze toys, the 2nd Quarter Go-Busters toys, and a few little tidbits of Samurai toy related news. For the summaries we hit up Gokaiger 49 and Fourze 21. Lastly, we wrap up the Z Universe with our RRRnRRR episode for the Buu Saga. We end the show with our Twitter Questions of the week!

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Show Notes

SHT Trailer!

Fourze 3rd Quarter Toy Catalog!

Go-Busters 2nd Quarter Toy Catalog!

LightZord Name Confirmed!

Super Mega Mode Figures!


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RRR DB Thread!


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