RRR Season 2 - Episode #37: Banana Boom Time!

So Sally, the moral of the story is, never trust a necklace given to you by your pirate friend. Chances are, he actually hates you, and is just using you for your own gain. You? All you wanted in life was a bff and an endless supply of bananas. Now what do you have? Your ass everywhere in the jungle and no bananas. Though when you think about it, why did you accept the necklace in the first place Sally? When has Basco ever given you anything other than a bananas or a nice swift backhand to the right cheek, ass or otherwise. Why would he given you a giant necklace? Clearly it was a trap, a double trap even, and here you are, in monkey heaven. Just don't listen to Basco. Ever. What you should listen to is the RRR crew. They're good pirates. They sit and discuss all the latest news involving Super Hero Taisen, Kamen Rider Fourze, and Power Rangers Samurai. Not only that, they discuss your untimely demise as they summarize and discuss Gokaiger 47 and Fourze 19. Then the rest of the show is them ranting about some Cell guy. Weird folk, but they're good people. Shoulda listened monkey, shoulda listened.


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Show Notes

Onodera in Super Hero Taisen?

Kisragi Motors?

Crossman Confirmed for Samurai!

Bulk Newstravaganza!

Samurai Toy News!


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