RRR Season 2 - Episode #36: Jive Turkey Taisen 2012!

SILVER VERSUS GREEN. GAI VERSUS DON. GINGIN GUY VERSUS FRIZZY HAIRED JIVE TURKEY. THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY. Sparks will fly! Women will be beat! Ninjas will be blue clowns! Who will win: Sixth Rangers or Green/Black/Whateverthehellelsedonusesasalegitgokaichange? The battle of a lifetime!  Wait...you mean it's over? Pinkie Pie stopped the war? A PONY STOPPED THE WAR? Wait, you mean Ahim? Then don't say Pinkie Pie you bafoon. We're in a crisis here! I just promised hundreds the battle of a lifetime, and you come in here to tell me some girl stopped them? Great, just great. Get out of here you blue clown. Toss on that podcast where three morons talk about the latest Super Hero Taisen and Go-Busters rumors, plus some nonsense about Power Rangers Samurai toys. You know? That one where they summarize and discuss Gokaiger 46 and Fourze 18, then proceed to ramble the rest of the show while reading listener answers and answering listener questions. RRR? Yeah, that. Put that on.

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Show Notes

Super Hero Taisen Teaser!

Super Hero Taisen Filming Spotted!

Enter and Buddyroid VA Rumors!

Buddyroid VA Update!

New PR Toys!

Shogun Buckle!

Super Samurai Poster!


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