RRR Season 2 - Episode #35: Frieza’s New Groove!

Join us for Frieza's New Groove, staring Chris Sabatl as Kuzco, and Chris Ayres as Yzma! This epic film co-stars Sean Schemmel as Pacha and Robert Elliot as Kronk! This film recounts the epic tale of how Kuzco, prince of all Saiyans must team up with Pacha, a low-class peasant who effectively does all the important work in the film, to stop the evil Yzma! His/Her/It's plan? To use the Dragon Balls, collected by his/her/it's man servant Kronk, who does all the manual labor because Yzma's too busy in his/her/it's hoverround to give a shit, to wish for immortality! Can Kuzco and Pacha stop Yzma and his/her/it's crazy funk in time to save the Saiyan race? Will the Frog and Kronk finally understand one another? Will Pacha's land turn into a giant ape water park? All this and more in the epic film, Frieza's New Groove!

Note: This episode is actually about some Superhero War, Akibaranger, and Anniversary nonsense, some Gokaiger and Fourze episode discussions, and talk about Dragon Ball Z. Kinda wished we just reviewed Emperor's New Groove though. What an ace cast right there. Thinking about it we do mention David Spade in the bloopers. Heck yeah, reference fulfilled!

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