RRR Season 2 - Episode #34: iStill Tensou!

In the Last RRR Special, we witnessed Jedimon die at the hands of Shuki and Dosm's epic prank: He was forced to watch Goseiger! Thankfully he was revived by the next episode! In the exciting sequel event, Jedimon takes his revenge as he kidnaps his lovable cohorts, straps them to wheels, and makes them watch the entirety of Goseiger...WHILE SPINNING! Oh noes! How will Shuki and Dosm survive Jedimon's wrath! HOW MUCH OF THE RAINBOW CAN THEY ENDURE? Taste the rainbow? More like WATCH THE RAINBOW SWIRL WITH YOU TO YOUR DEATH. Actually I lied. The first bit mostly didn't happen, and the new one especially didn't happen. Typical episode where we talk about Go-Busters cast announcements, rumors, and some Power Rangers stuff. Due to the lack of SHT, we get a nice summary and discussion of the 199 Hero Great Battle film, which happens to feature some Tensou action. It's pretty neat.

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Show Notes

Go-Busters Cast Revealed!

T-Rex Buddyroid?

Power Rangers Samurai Rose Bowl Float!


RRR Fansub Source!


199 Hero Great Battle Wikipedia Page


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