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A Podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest Toku News in the craziest way possible, brought to you by your hosts ShukuenShinobi, DosmRider, Jedimon, and Aresol. From toys to TV, they cover it all.

April 12th, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #48: Total Kendama Island!

I honestly never anticipated a pun based off Total Drama Island. Regardless, I approve of this. Join us in an action packed show filled with a lengty Newds discussion about all the latest happenings in the Toku Fandom including Gaim's possible early ending, new ToQger toy scans, Morphin Madness, and JDF on Toy Hunter. Moving right along, we discuss ToQger, Gaim, Super Megaforce, and the first edition of Garo: Flower of Makai as Garo's Corner returns to the show. Finally after a short discussion of Pokémon and Ben 10, Aresol and Dosm have a lengthy discussion of DC's Arrow. Finally we wrap up with our three picks for the first Caption Contest segment! Word.

April 5th, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #47: Right on Gaim!

Double the heroes, double the pun. I already made a Doublemint Gum joke in these not too long ago, so I'm not going to again. Just enjoy the puns and move on. Join us in an epic timey whimey Podcast in which we start with 2 hosts, and end with 4! We multiply. Thanks to Kevin snoozing and Shuki's power going out at the worst time possible, Aresol and Dosm lead our show! Join them as they discuss the latest going ons in the Tokusatsu community, as well as discuss the ToQger vs. Gaim special. Finally Shuki and Kevin make it to the show to discuss Pokémon, Ben 10, the HIMYM finale, and the Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters film. Hurray for lots of talking!

March 28th, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #46: Okie Dokie Kachidoki!

Kachidoki, the form that just doesn't give a fuck. That's really about all we have to say on the matter. Join us as we discuss the latest news in the fandom! That doesn't exist, so we just talk about how weird JDF is and how the fandom is reacting to his shenanigans. We also talk about how boring Megaranger was. After some rants, we discuss the latest episodes of ToQger, Gaim, and Super Megaforce, followed by a Ramble Time filled with Pokemon, Ben 10, and some discussion on the TMNT trailer and the lack of quality DC content. Seriously, they're mean.

March 22nd, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #45: Bet You Didn’t Ji That One Coming!

Because Ji invented the Flashman powers, for sure. He was also a elegant, slightly aged surprise. For real though, I didn't Ji him coming. Join us as we discuss the arrival of S.H.Figuarts Hibiki, as well as the newest episodes of ToQger, Gaim, and Super Megaforce. Ramble Time sees a last hurrah with Pokémon, Ben 10, and TMNT. Finally, we end this motorcycle ride with the Twitter Questions. Something about Jayden!

March 14th, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #44: Animaria Crackers in my Soup!

Too bad there are ONLY LIONS IN THIS SOUP. This is the most meowtastic soup you've ever eaten in your mouth hole we violated last week. Join us in this relatively tranquil episode as we discuss the Morphin' Madness contest currently going on, and the numerous complaints people are bringing to the table regarding it. As usual we discuss the latest episodes of ToQger, Gaim, and Super Megaforce, as well as ramble into our current watchings of Megaranger, as well as Pokémon and Ben 10. We wrap it up with a Facebook Task of the Bi-Weeklyness before heading to sleep so Shuki can become ill before his birthday. Sucks to be that guy.

March 8th, 2014    

Riders, Rangers, & Riffing - Episode 00: My Morphin’ Life (Episode 01)

Welcome to the unofficial first episode of Riders, Rangers, and Riffing! This is our new (most likely monthly) spin-off show where we sit back and watch an episode or movie of tokusatsu, and comment away. Our riffing more or less can be seen as a mix of riffing, commentary, and heckling, so take that as you will!
The rules are simple:
- Download the MP3 Below
- Hit up YouTube, a Torrent, or even KRDL.info to get whatever episode or film we are riffing. (We will specify which sub group, since some groups might differ in timing from when you hit play)
- After our introduction, we will begin a countdown, on "Go!" hit the play button.
- Sit back and enjoy!
Our prototype episode is that of Jason David Frank's "My Morphin' Life," a documentary about his life. Yeah, it's as exciting as it sounds. We are riffing the first episode, which clocks in at only around 10 minutes, perfect for our little test run. 
If you have any comments, please let us know via Twitter @TheRRRPodcast or on our Podcast's Facebook Page.

Download the MP3 HERE!

March 8th, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #43: The Inves-Station Begins!

DOUBLE THE ACTION, DOUBLE THE PUN. DOUBLE YOUR FUN WITH RRR. Yeah, it makes no sense, but you deal with it, because we just smeared toku pun all over your mouth hole. Anyway, join us as we discuss the latest episodes of ToQger, Gaim, and Super Megaforce, because that's what we do! Ramble Time chugs along with this week's Megaranger watchings, Pokémon, Ben 10, and TMNT. Finally we wrap up with the latest batch of oddball Twitter questions. Now if you excuse me, I gotta take the next train out of here.

March 1st, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #42: Dead to Right!

This is our life now. Though since we're dead, I guess it isn't our life. Our afterlife? I don't know. There is a joke here in the title but I never really understood it so I'm just going to move on. Join us as we discuss the latest round of news surrounding Power Rangers, Gaim, and a tiny bit of ToQger. As per usual we summarize and discuss the latest ToQger, Gaim, and Super Megaforce Episodes, as well as tackle Pokémon, Ben 10, and TMNT in Ramble Time! We conclude with our bi-weekly Facebook extravaganza! Choo-choo...


February 22nd, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #41: From Ressha with Love!

Also penis, or something like that, but that's not a real part of the title. Join us for the next smash hit episode where we discuss Toy Fair 2014, highlighting the toys and brands we were most interested in seeing. In the middle of said discussion, we also rant about the "sexist" Bandai accusations. Finally we hop on the train to Imagination Land with the first episode of ToQger, followed by the 18th episode of Gaim. Finally Pokémon, Ben 10, and TMNT ride through the Ramble Station while we make our last stop in Twitter Town to check out the latest questions. All aboard everyone.

Train puns.


February 15th, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #40: They Kyoryu Changed Their Minds!

As soon as we think we're gonna enjoy a nice round of English Go-Busters, Saban goes and Kyoryu Changes his mind and now we get Kyoryuger sooner than expected, just like the Saiyans. Join us as we discuss a jam-packed show filled with the news of Dino Charge, an all new episode of Gaim, the finale of Kyoryuger, our hour long wrap-up of Kyoryuger, the premier of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, a compact Ramble Time, AND the Facebook Questions. That's a lot of show. There's also some discussion on The LEGO Movie. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!


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